js logistics - Worst place i have ever worked!!

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dispatchers are rude and demanding after first week of course, they are in st.louis and dont even know the kcmo layout, if you have any complaints they tell you "DRIVERS ARE A DIME A DOZEN" and get over it. at least 200 people hired/fired/quit in the 4 years i was there.they want you to drive 25 miles round trip when your only making 2.00 on the delivery (your driving your own vehicle and paying for your own gas),tell you they have a quickie delivery for you so just run from Liberty to Olathe during rush hour real quick because the delivery is late already and you have like 15 min or it is docking your pay.



there was a class action lawsuit filed when I worked for them in memphis tn. they came in and underbid an account from the people i was working for, then they just quit paying me what they promised, 5 of us quit the same day. liars!

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upto I looked at the check which was of $8229, I didnt believe that my mom in-law was really erning money in their spare time from there computar.. there best friend has been doing this for only twentey months and by now cleard the mortgage on there cottage and bought a brand new Citroën DS. this is where I went, AIM27.COM

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Admin, delete the spam (and the spammer).

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Okay, great, but really, who cares?Nobody, that's who.

Nobody cares about all the trivial details you've posted about your menial job. You are not a consumer, you're a disgruntled employee. You haven't been ripped off, you just don't feel you're being paid your worth and you feel disrespected and unappreciated.

Well -- welcome to the wonderful world of working!Here's some helpful advice: get a new job and stop whining on the internet!

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